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11 Best Atlas Shingle Colors Of All Time

Posted on November 25, 2023

11 Best Atlas Shingle Colors Of All Time

When it comes to looking for the best Atlas shingle color for your home, there are several options that stand out. But when choosing a shingle color for your own roof, it’s important to consider the color of your siding and the style of your home.  

With so many options available on the market, it’s quite tricky to understand which option is best for your roof, so to help you out with it, we have curated a list of the 11 best Atlas shingle colors for your home.  By considering this list, you can choose a shingle color that improves the overall appearance of your home, giving it a unique and personal touch.

Top 11 Atlas Shingle Colors

See which Atlas shingle colors are the best for your roof! We’ve picked the top 11 colors that will make your house stand out. From classic styles to super cool modern ones, these shingles will not only protect your home, but also make it stand out. In 2023 get ready to give your roof some serious style.

1. Black Shadow

If you’re looking to add some style and elegance to your home, Black Shadow is the ideal color. This color is a dark black shade that isn’t too flashy, and will provide your home with a subtle, edgy look in an effortless way. 

Black Shadow

2. Heather IR

Like a warm and fashionable sweater for your home, this shingle color combines a range of brown shades to create the perfect color. Heather IR is only available for the Atlas Pinnacle® Impact shingle range, all the while providing your home with a versatile and eye-catching design, and adding coziness to your home.

Heather IR

3. Cool Coral Canyon:

This color is a great option if you want a cool roofing shingle color option. This color is available for the Pinnacle® Sun shingle line, and has a solar reflectance index of 16. This means that even with its dark brown shades, this roofing shingle is more likely to keep your home cool in the summer, reducing the cost of your energy bills.

Cool Coral Canyon

4. Hearthstone

Choose Hearthstone if you’re looking for that timeless look and want to make a statement. It’s a sophisticated, warm gray that goes well with many different types of siding colors, giving your space a refined yet comfortable feel. You can find this color available in multiple Atlas shingle lines. 


5. Hickory

Hickory will give your roof a rich, earthy brown color that makes your house feel cozy and friendly. You’ll be creating a warm and inviting atmosphere around your home with this shingles color, which is sure to make everyone feel welcome. 


6. Summer Storm:

Envision a simple, calm gray color for your home that has a subtle yet sophisticated touch. Like a calm storm, Summer Storm gives your roof a chic appearance without clashing with other colors, so it won’t detract from the overall look of your home. 

7. Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna is a deep reddish-brown shade that adds a pop of color to your roof, making it a standout choice. This shade works like a statement piece that will surely stand out and catch everyone’s attention with its red and brown hues. 

Burnt Sienna

8. Desert Shake

This is an ideal choice for a home wanting a rustic and traditional style with its light brown color inspired by warm deserts. Because it’s not over the top, Desert Shake gives your roof a subtle touch and blends in with the surrounding landscape. However, this color is only available in the popular ProLam™ shingle line by Atlas.  

Desert Shake

9. Majestic

Majestic, a color available in the Briarwood Pro™ line of shingles, blends shades of gray and brown to create a classy and majestic look for your house. It’s a brave choice that will give your home a unique and sophisticated appearance that is sure to increase curb appeal and draw the attention of onlookers. 


10. Cool Surf: 

Cool Surf is another Pinnacle® Sun shade, with a dark blue color that is sure to bring on feelings of calmness. It’s a great choice if you want a pop of color that also provides a subtle, and efficient touch. Pair it with white siding to incorporate a coastal look for your home. 

Cool Surf

11. Oyster Shell:

Choose the color Oyster Shell from the Pinnacle® Pristine line of shingles if you prefer your roof to have a soft and neutral color. It’s a timeless light gray hue that will add a classic and refined touch to your home because it goes with everything. 

Before making a final decision, speak with your contractor and request to see the real shingles in person to test the color in multiple types of light. This will give you more confidence in your choice because colors may appear differently from the pictures.

Oyster Shell

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing The Right Color For Your Roof

When choosing the right color for your roof, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Does It Complement The Siding Color?

  • Make sure the color of your roof goes well with your house’s siding color. A good tip is to choose a color for the roof that’s a bit darker than the walls. This helps your house look more balanced, especially if it’s on the taller side.
  • Think about your home’s main color and find roof shingles that match. For example, if your home is beige, tan, or off-white, a dark roof can create a nice contrast.

Visual Impact

  • The roof makes up about 40% of your home’s curb appeal from the outside, which is a considerable amount! That should make you consider it as much as you do the interior of your home. 
  • Think about how the roof’s color will affect how your home looks. Dark gray or black shingles can make it seem like you have fancy slate tiles, and some brown shingles can give off a natural wood shake vibe.

Surroundings and Climate

  • Think about where you live and the weather you receive frequently. If there are lots of trees around your home, choosing brown or black roofing shingles can make your home stand out among the greenery.
  • It is also important to keep in mind how much sunlight your house gets. Picking the right shingle color can make your home more energy-efficient and change how it feels inside as well.

Sample Testing

  • Make sure to request shingle samples so that you can test how they look at different times of the day. This way, you can be sure the color you pick looks the way you expect it to in different lighting.

Personal Preference and Longevity

  • Think about what you like when picking a roof color. Choose one that shows off your personality.
  • Make smart choices for your home by picking colors that you know you’ll like for a long time. This way, your home will always look nice and not go out of style when you attempt to sell it.

Find The Best Asphalt Shingle Roofing Colors

The Atlas shingle colors listed in the article are some of the best options on the market for 2023. If you finally decided on a color, and need a professional to install your new shingles, contact the team at Prestige Roofing LLC in Wisconsin. 

Our team of experts is prepared to manage any roofing requirements you may have. Give us a call at (920) 791-0414, and we’ll provide you with a thorough estimate and assistance with selecting the ideal shingle color for your home if needed.