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Best Re-Roofing Services In Northeastern Wisconsin

Ready for a refresh? Re-roofing is a cost-effective way to enhance your home's protection and curb appeal without the expense of a full roof replacement. At Prestige Roofing LLC, we make the process straightforward and worry-free.

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What Is Re-Roofing?

Roof Inspection & Evaluation

First, inspect the existing roof to ensure it's suitable for a re-roof. This means checking for major damages, rot, or sagging that might require a complete tear-off instead. The roof should be in decent condition to support another layer of shingles. Also, prepare the surface by cleaning off debris and making minor repairs as needed.

Installing New Shingles

Once the old roof is deemed fit for re-roofing, the new layer of shingles is installed directly on top of the old ones. This process involves carefully laying the new shingles, ensuring they align correctly and are securely fastened. It's crucial to follow proper overlapping techniques and nail placement to avoid potential issues like leaks or damage.

Installing the New Roof

The last step involves installing ridge caps, which are the shingles placed along the roof's peak. Also, make sure to clean up any leftover materials and nails. It's important to ensure that the roof's ventilation is not compromised by the additional layer of shingles.

Benefits of Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement

Re-roofing is not just easy on your wallet, it's also quicker and more eco-friendly compared to a total roof replacement. By opting for re-roofing, you save money, keep old roofing material out of landfills, and face less disruption at home. It's a smart solution to extend your roof's life while preparing for future weather challenges.

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Looking to rejuvenate your roof without the hefty price tag? Prestige Roofing LLC is here to assist residents across Brown, Outagamie, Calumet, Winnebago, Waupaca, Oconto, Shawano, and Fond Du Lac counties with professional re-roofing services. Reach out today for a free estimate and let's uplift the shield over your head together, creating a safer and more beautiful space for you and your family.


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