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3 Different Types of Commercial Flat Roof Repairs You May Need

Posted on December 25, 2023

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Understanding the typical kinds of commercial flat roof repairs is important for anyone managing or owning real estate. In all areas of roofing, commercial flat roof repairs are extremely significant. Today’s structures look sleeker with flat roofs, but you should know that maintaining a strong and secure foundation requires constant attention.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the types of repairs that a flat roof might need, the causes of damage, and preventative measures you can take to secure the longevity of your flat roofing system.

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Types of Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

#1. Roof Leak Repair

Fixing leaks and ponding water are two forms of leak repair for commercial flat roofs. This typically involves finding the source of the leak and using the proper sealants or patches to prevent water infiltration. If poor drainage is causing ponding water, the drainage system needs to be assessed for improvement.

To effectively seal the leak and stop greater damage from occurring, the repair process may involve cleaning the area, clearing away any debris or damaged materials, and using specialized roof repair products or techniques. Leaks in commercial metal roofs can occur around seams, fasteners, flashing, and roof penetrations. 

#2.Tears or Cracks In The Roofing Membrane

Tears or Cracks

Common problems that call for commercial roof repair also include tears or cracks in the roofing membrane. This can be caused by foot traffic, natural wear and tear, or poor installation. 

Patch repair is the most popular and practical repair method for small, localized damage, such as tears, cracks, or punctures in the roof membrane. To repair the damaged area and preserve the strength of the roof, the area should be cleaned and prepped before applying the required sealants or patches.

#3. Coating Repair

Utilizing a roof coating for smaller repairs is cost-effective, and involves cleaning and applying a new layer of liquid material to make the roofing system waterproof and extend its life. The coating works to seal small penetrations in the roofing system that would otherwise cause leaks.

The choice of coating depends on the roofing material and budget. Silicone coatings are better for metal and concrete commercial roofs, while acrylic coatings are efficient for use on EPDM and TPO. All types of coating work to extend the roof’s lifespan by over a decade at half the cost of replacement. However, keep in mind that roof coatings are not a replacement for more extensive roof repair and should not be utilized to seal larger holes or leaks. 

Causes of Commercial Flat Roof Damage

In Wisconsin, commercial flat roofs can become damaged due to different reasons, like:

#1. Neglecting Regular Maintenance:

Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial for flat roofs, especially in regions like Wisconsin with harsh winters. Neglecting this care can lead to significant damage and costly repairs over time. Regular maintenance helps identify and address wear and tear before it escalates.

#2. Adverse Weather Conditions:

Commercial flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to damage from harsh weather conditions. Strong winds, heavy rain, and severe storms can put a strain on the roofing structure, cause cracks in the flashing, and lead to water infiltration. Additionally, extreme heat and UV radiation can accelerate the aging and deterioration of roofing materials, causing them to crack and weaken.

#3. Ponding Water:

Ponding Water

Water that remains stagnant on the roof can cause significant damage, especially during colder periods. The freeze-thaw cycle causes the water to expand and contract, which can compromise the roof’s structural integrity and strength.

#4. Damaged Flashing and Leaks:

One of the most common causes of commercial roof damage is faulty flashing. If the flashing is improperly installed or maintained, it allows water to penetrate the roof, damaging the underlying layers and structure.

#5. Excessive Snow and Ice:

Accumulation of snow and ice can significantly increase the weight on the roof, hinder proper drainage, and worsen existing cracks. Prompt removal of snow and addressing areas prone to snow and ice accumulation are essential to prevent further damage.

#6. Poor Construction or Installation:

Inadequate construction or installation, particularly of the roof’s flashing, can lead to leaks and structural issues. Improperly installed flashing is a prime culprit for water damage, as it exposes the roof’s underlying layers. 

Furthermore, extreme weather such as strong winds can aggravate these problems by lifting roofing materials and increasing exposure to moisture, debris, and UV rays. A poorly designed or installed roofing membrane may also expand and contract inappropriately, further damaging the roof. 

Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Flat Roofs

To prevent the need for frequent flat roof repairs in the future, keeping them well-maintained is important. Here are some examples of what you can do: 

  • Clean drains and gutters to stop them from getting blocked and keep water draining off the roof efficiently.
  • Clear away leaves, branches, and dirt from the roof and gutters.
  • Regularly inspect the roof for signs of damage and fix them before they get worse.
  • Power wash the roof once a year to get rid of dirt and debris. This is best done by pros who provide professional cleanings.
  • Add roof coatings and other protective measures to increase the longevity of your roofing system.


Ensuring the proper maintenance of commercial flat roofs is essential to the long-term safety and longevity of buildings. Property owners can avoid problems and maintain the structural integrity of their buildings if they are aware of the necessary roof repairs, recognize any warning signs, and seek professional assistance.

That is why getting help from experts like the team at Prestige Roofing LLC is the best way to ensure safe commercial flat roof repair options. With our expertise, the lifespan and durability of your roof can be improved.

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