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How to Know It’s Time for a Local Roof Repair Service to Perform an Inspection

Posted on November 18, 2023

roof repair

As a homeowner, you know that your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects you, your family, and your possessions from the elements. It’s essential to keep your roof in good condition, but how do you know when it’s time to have it inspected? According to Kendall Partners, it’s recommended that residential roofs are inspected every three to five years. Below are three signs that it’s time to call in the professionals for a roof inspection.

Age of Your Roof

The age of your roof is one of the biggest indicators of when to have a roof inspection. According to Angi, most roofs last up to 30 years, and after this time, they start to deteriorate. If your roof is getting close to this age, then inspecting it to determine if it needs repairs or replacement is absolutely necessary. During a roof inspection, a professional will examine your roof’s shingles, flashing, and other components to check for signs of wear and tear. They’ll also check for any leaks or water damage that could compromise the integrity of your roof. They’ll recommend the necessary repairs or replacement options if they find any issues.

Signs of Damage

If you notice any signs of damage on your roof, such as missing or cracked shingles, then getting it inspected as soon as possible is essential. Damage to your roof can lead to leaks and water damage which can cause significant damage to your home’s interior. Other signs of damage to look out for include curling shingles, stains on your ceilings, and moss or algae growth on your roof. If you notice any of these signs, then don’t wait to have your roof inspected. A professional can identify the root cause of the problem and recommend the best course of action to repair or replace your roof.

Energy Efficiency Concerns

Your roof plays a vital role in your home’s energy efficiency. If your roof isn’t properly insulated or ventilated, then it can cause your heating and cooling bills to skyrocket. An increase in your energy bills or consistent trouble maintaining a consistent temperature in your home are strong reasons to get your roof inspected. A professional can examine your roof’s insulation and ventilation systems to determine if they need repairs or replacement.

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