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7 Reasons Why Re-Roofing Is The Best Solution For Your Aging Roof

Posted on December 20, 2023

7 Reasons Why Re-Roofing Is The Best Solution For Your Aging Roof

Have you considered the benefits of having a durable roof for your home? Roofs protect our homes from the elements, but as they age, issues can arise that lead to major damage. This is where re-roofing comes in, when repairing old roofs is no longer a feasible option.

Re-roofing is a practical solution to the problems caused by an aging roof. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll discuss seven factors that make replacing your old roof with a new one a smart financial decision. 

But first, let’s go over the difference between re-roofing and a roof replacement. 

Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement

There are two ways to restore a roof’s appearance and functionality: replacing the roof and re-roofing it. Re-roofing involves putting in a layer of shingles on top of the ones that already exist, whereas roof replacement involves taking off the old materials and putting on new. Re-roofing is less expensive and requires less time and labor than replacing the roof. Although re-roofing does not require replacing any part of the roof, people frequently confuse them.

To select the best option for your needs and budget, it is important to understand the differences between the two methods.

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Reasons Why Re-Roofing is a Beneficial Choice

If your roof is old, re-roofing or installing a new roof is usually the best solution. Trying to repair an aging roof is often just putting a band aid over a bigger wound, as older materials can no longer protect your home effectively. So, if your roof is getting older, here is why re-roofing is the way to go:

#1. Cost Effective

Re-roofing is a budget friendly solution for minor roof problems as it focuses mainly on the worn out or damaged areas of your roof. It is less expensive than a complete roof replacement as there is no need for a tear-off of the old roof, which means less labor and time spent on the project. Re-roofing can be a cost-effective way to extend the life of your roof and protect it from further damage.

#2. Less Invasive

Re-roofing is a less invasive process as it involves adding a new layer of shingles on top of the existing roof without removing the old ones. This means less work on your home and less disruption to your daily routine. The process is quick and can often be completed in a day, and roofers typically find it to be a simpler and faster task, making it a convenient option for homeowners who need an immediate solution.

#3. Improves Curb Appeal

Re-roofing restores the exterior appearance of your home and gives it a new look at a lower cost. Adding a fresh layer of shingles over the damaged ones can improve the curb appeal and increase the value of your home. The fresh layer of shingles enhances the visual appeal of your home by giving it a sleeker, more modern look. 

#4. Extended Protection

When you want to improve the appearance of your roof without undertaking a major, costly renovation, re-roofing is a good option if the structure beneath the shingles is still sturdy. Re-roofing is a less expensive method of extending the life of your roof by covering shingles that are brittle and old. While it may not be as elegant as a complete roof replacement, it is a wise decision if you want your home to remain weatherproof and your roof’s foundation is still strong.

#5. Reinforces the Roof

Protecting your home from bad weather requires strengthening your roof. Re-roofing is one way to strengthen the roof because the new layer of shingles increases resistance to leaks and gives the structure more protection. 

Other methods of reinforcing a roof besides re-roofing include nailing loose shingles into place, using roofing cement, attaching construction adhesive to rafters and trusses, strengthening flashing, and adding hurricane clips or tie-downs.

To withstand strong winds and severe weather, a well-built roof with trusses fastened correctly, a properly adhered roof deck, and heavy duty shingles is essential. The strength of the roof can also be increased by using fiberglass roofing shingles. It’s important to remember that using the right fastening methods and designing the roof appropriately can significantly reduce damage during storms.

#6. Increases Property Value

Your home will always be more valuable and have better curb appeal with a new roof. Re-roofing is one way to accomplish this without going over budget. A properly maintained roof can significantly improve your home’s appearance and increase its appeal to potential buyers.

It is important to remember that not all roofs are good candidates for re-roofing. Given the weight of an additional layer of shingles, it can only be done once. It is also not advised if your roof already has two layers of a roofing material, shingles are missing, or if there is water damage. It’s always a good idea to speak with a reliable roofer who can inspect your roof, provide you with a precise estimate, and advise you on the best course of action.


How Much Does A Re-Roof Cost In Wisconsin?

The kind of roofing material, the size of the roof, and the roof design are some of the factors that affect the cost of re-roofing and roof replacement in Wisconsin. 

A complete roof replacement in Wisconsin typically costs between $4,000 and $11,500. For asphalt shingle roof installation, the price can be as low as $200 per roofing square, or 100 square feet, while for slate roof installation, it can reach as high as $1,200 per roofing square. Keep in mind that a roof replacement involves completely removing and disposing of the old roofing materials, which increases the total cost. 

The cost of labor, the roof shape, installation methods, and your location all affect how much a roof replacement costs. To determine the precise cost of replacing your home’s roof in Wisconsin, it is crucial to obtain a quote from a reliable roofing contractor.

In comparison, re-roofing is often less expensive because there is less labor and materials needed. The entire process takes less time and is less intensive, reducing the amount of labor you pay for. 

Understanding Wisconsin’s Building Codes For Re-Roofing

The Wisconsin Administrative Code SPS § 321.27 and § SPS 321.28 contains the state’s specific building codes for replacing a roof. These documents specify types of materials, building methods, and other regulations that must be followed during the re-roofing or roof installation process. 

If your roof is significantly damaged or has structural issues, re-roofing may not be an option for your home. Any deviation from these standards must have the prior written consent of a DFD Roofing Project Manager. In order to make sure that your roofing project satisfies Wisconsin’s building and safety requirements, it is crucial that you stick to these codes.


Choosing re-roofing can be a smart decision for your home. It’s not just about fixing an old roof, it’s a solid solution that safeguards your home, improves energy efficiency, and increases its overall value. 

By tackling common issues found in older roofs, re-roofing provides an eco-friendly, cost effective fix that pays off in the long run. Choose re-roofing for a durable, efficient, and valuable upgrade to your home.

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Is a new roof a good investment?

With a possible 60% return on investment or more during the resale process, a new roof is considered as a wise investment. Additionally, it can enhance curb appeal and energy efficiency of the building.

Can I replace my roof in the winter?

Winter roof replacement is feasible, though it might take longer and require special handling of certain materials. Talk to a reliable roofing contractor to determine the best option for your property.

Does my insurance cover roof repairs?

Depending on your insurance policy and the cause of the damage, you may be able to file a claim for roof repair. An unexpected event, like a storm, may be covered by insurance.